Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Describe Dubai Silicon Oasis

Key features of Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a unique mixed-use community offering a range of contemporary residential towers and family-oriented villas. The community also houses a technology park, perfect for setting up a successful IT business.
With high-end apartments, elegant villas and commercial spaces, Dubai Silicon Oasis is the perfect area for families, singles and professionals. The community offers a discreet lifestyle, providing residents with an array of amenities and facilities within the community to ensure a comfortable stay.
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The community buildings are composed of towers and villas, harmoniously unified. Elegant residential building with high-quality finishes and contemporary design. As for the villas, they are built in a modern style according to the latest architectural trends. The villas and towers are perfectly combined to create a unique urban lifestyle atmosphere.
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Dubai Silicon Valley Target Audience

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis is ideal for families as the community offers comfortable accommodations and a tranquil environment. Residents will have quick access to all basic amenities and facilities within the community.
  • It’s also a great opportunity for start-ups as the community has a tech park. Dubai Silicon Oasis features commercial spaces that attract many professionals who want to succeed in starting a business in Dubai. In addition to this, the community is close to Academic City, so those looking for high-level higher education will also find this place perfect.
  • Daily life in Dubai’s Silicon Valley oasis
  • The Silicon Oasis community in Dubai provides residents with all the basic and necessary amenities and facilities to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. As a city within a city, the community has a diverse range of supermarkets, dining options, schools, hospitals, clinics and entertainment venues. For buying groceries, the most popular options are Spinneys and Carrefour. Because the community is family-oriented, residents with children have a range of top schools on offer, including Emirates British Nursery, GEMS Wellington College and British Orchard Nursery. As for clinics and hospitals, these include Aster Clinic, Medicure Clinic, Magnum Gulf Medical Center, and more.

Convenient Transportation

Due to its strategic location, the community provides residents with easy access to one of Dubai’s main roads – Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Residents of the community can easily travel to other parts of Dubai. For those who own cars, finding a parking space is not a problem because residential apartments and villas are equipped with parking spaces. Additionally, there is ample parking on the street. As for public transport, the nearest metro station is 20 minutes away.

Attractions Around The Area

    1. The community is close to Dubai’s most famous landmarks and leisure destinations. For example, Global Village is one of the popular attractions that features a variety of pavilions that allow you to experience cultures from around the world, just 17 minutes from the community.
    2. IMG Worlds of Adventure is another attraction, a 20-minute drive away. The huge theme park provides residents with a variety of exciting entertainment activities.
    3. A great option for a beach day with family or friends is Jumeirah Beach.
    4. Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, integrating dining, retail and entertainment. It takes about 20 minutes to arrive.

Types of Real Estate in Dubai Silicon Valley

  1. Properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis include modern apartments, elegant villas and commercial spaces. Residential units range from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom apartments and studios. The apartments feature spacious layouts, light-filled living and dining areas, modern kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. As for the villas and townhouses, there are 3 to 5-bedroom configurations. The villas and townhouses feature comfortable and spacious bedrooms, comfortable layouts and high-quality finishes and fixtures. Properties in Dubai's Silicon Oasis are a great choice for families and individuals alike.
  3. As for commercial spaces, they will suit those who want to build a profitable business. Investors can also benefit from purchasing offices in Dubai Silicon Valley.

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