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Al Furjan

Al Furjan

The main features of Al Furjan

Discover the charm of Al Furjan, Dubai, UAE, with Inch & brick Realty. Uncover pricing details, explore property descriptions, and find diverse real estate options for a dream home.

Al Furjan is a new residential community with modern homes in prime locations. Due to its proximity to Dubai's main roads, Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, residents of the area can easily reach other major attractions in Dubai.

Developed by leading real estate company Nakheel, Al Furjan is a gated community characterized by comfortable living. Residents can enjoy a variety of first-class amenities and facilities offered nearby. The community covers a vast area of 560 hectares and consists of a combination of villas, townhouses and apartments.

Al Furjan benefits from a strategic location close to some of Dubai's most stunning beaches, making it the perfect destination for beach lovers. Famous beaches such as Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach and Palm Jumeirah Beach are nearby. These picturesque coastal areas offer many water sports activities, including thrilling options like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. Additionally, residents can soak up breathtaking views while relaxing at the numerous beachfront restaurants and cafes dotted along the coastline.

Al Furjan

Architecture, building, architectural style

The community's architectural excellence consists mostly of villas and townhouses, but you can also find apartment buildings in Al Furjan.

Al Furjan's architecture is a harmonious blend of modern design elements and traditional Arabic influences. This community employs a contemporary architectural style characterized by clean lines, sophisticated structures, and a focus on functionality.

Al Furjan's buildings feature modern facades that create an impressive visual impact. With architectural design that emphasizes aesthetic beauty and practicality, we create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing while meeting the needs of residents. The use of high-quality building materials ensures the durability and longevity of the structure.

Incorporating traditional Arabic elements, Al Furjan's architecture reflects the region's rich cultural heritage. Intricate details such as decorative motifs, arches, and domes pay homage to traditional Arabian architecture, adding elegance and cultural significance to the community.

Target audience of Al-Furjan

  • Al Furjan is a safe community featuring a family-friendly environment. It is a quiet community away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Residents will find his two community centers in Alfurjan offering a variety of amenities and facilities, including an expansive swimming pool, dining options, sports courts, and retail shops.
  • Offering a tranquil environment, this community is ideal for those who prefer a disciplined lifestyle with a high standard of living.

Daily life in Al Furjan

Al Furjan offers its residents all the necessary amenities and facilities, including schools, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, and entertainment spots.

For shopping, locals can visit Spinny's Al Furjan, W Fresh and West Zone supermarkets, and Carrefour Market. All supermarkets are nearby, stocking you with all your fresh groceries and everyday essentials.

As a family-oriented community, there are many options when it comes to schools. One of them is Arbor School. It is one of the top schools in Dubai offering quality education. For younger children, parents can consider Jebel Ali Village Nursery.

Residents of Al Furjan can go to the Al Furjan Pavilion Medical Center for quality medical care. Another closest option is NMC Royal Hospital located at Dubai Investment Park.

Transportation accessibility

With a prime location close to Dubai's main roads, residents of the area have quick access to other key areas of Dubai, such as Jebel Ali Village and Discovery Gardens. For car owners, the community provides dedicated parking spaces.

For those who prefer public transport, Al Furjan offers bus services connecting with other areas of Dubai. Bus stops are strategically located, making it convenient for residents to travel to various destinations. Al Furjan Metro Station is also nearby.

Furthermore, Al Furjan is also close to Al Maktoum International Airport, which serves as a gateway to domestic and international destinations. This makes it convenient for residents who frequently travel by plane.

Al Furjano

Nearby tourist attractions

Located between Dubai's two main highways, Al Furjan is close to many of the city's top attractions, including Palm Jumeirah, Mall of the Emirates, The Walk JBR, and Burj Al Arab.

Mall of the Emirates is one of the top shopping malls in Dubai, located just 24 minutes away from the community. In addition to shopping, it also offers a variety of restaurants and entertainment activities.

Another notable nearby attraction is Palm Jumeirah. It is a symbolic artificial island with a unique shape. Known for its high-end lifestyle, Al Furjan is a great option for residents to spend and experience luxurious leisure time close to home.

Types of real estate in Al Furjan

Al Furjan offers a collection of high-end and luxury properties. Residents can choose from villas, townhouses, and apartments with modern amenities. Each residence features a spacious dining area, bedroom and bathroom with a high-quality, hygienic modern kitchen. Each villa townhouseand apartment features a thoughtful layout, elegant interiors, and high-end finishes.

Al Furjan's architectural design not only focuses on the visual aspects but also considers the practical aspects of daily life. The building layout maximizes the use of space to provide residents with a comfortable living space. The interior is designed to maximize functionality and provide comfortable living.

Offering stunning homes in prime locations, Al Furjan is the perfect choice for families. When searching for a property to purchase in the United Arab Emirates, relying on the expertise of professionals is highly recommended. If you're considering acquiring areal estate company in Dubai through an agency, particularly Inch & Brick Realty, our seasoned brokers are ready to guide you, address your inquiries, and assist in identifying a suitable property that aligns with your preferences. The agency also manages all the essential paperwork required for contract processing. Kindly complete the callback request, and we will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

Average Prices

SizePriceAvg Price
1 BedroomFrom 0.53M To 4MAvg. AED 2M
2 BedroomsFrom 0.76M To 1MAvg. AED 1M
3 BedroomsFrom 2MTo3MAvg. AED 2M
4 BedroomsFrom 2MTo6MAvg. AED 3M
5 BedroomsFrom 5MTo5MAvg. AED 5M
6 BedroomsFrom 6MAvg. AED 6M
7 BedroomsFrom 10MAvg. AED 10M

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