Dubai Real Estate FAQ's

Dubai Real Estate FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.1. Are there any delays in delivering the properties?

Q.2. Is there any regulatory authority in Dubai in respect to real estate?

Q.3. What is the stamp duty in Dubai?

Q.4. How much tenure an applicant can get the mortgage for?

Q.5. What are the benefits of purchasing a property in Dubai in respect to a visa?

Q.6. What is the average rate of return in Dubai?

Q.7. What is the average rental in Dubai?

Q.8. Who are the biggest developers in Dubai?

Q.9. How much mortgage can the residents and citizens of UAE get?

Q.10. Can foreigners get a mortgage in Dubai for buying a property?

Q.11. What is the limit of foreign ownership in UAE?

Q.12. Can foreigners own real estate in the UAE?

Q.13. What are the popular areas for buying property in Dubai?

Q.14. Why dubai?

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