700 crore Hindu temple under construction in Abu Dhabi: 13 things you should know - Best Tourism Place in Dubai  - Inch & brick Realty

700 crore Hindu temple under construction in Abu Dhabi: 13 things you should know - Best Tourism Place in Dubai - Inch & brick Realty

700 crore Hindu temple under construction in Abu Dhabi: 13 things you should know - Best Tourism Place in Dubai  - Inch & brick Realty

700 crore Hindu temple under construction in Abu Dhabi: 13 things you should know - Best Tourism Place in Dubai - Inch & brick Realty

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  • February 1, 2024

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Built at an estimated cost of Rs 700 crore, the BAPS Hindu Mandir is a huge, approximately 108-foot-tall Hindu temple located just outside of Abu Dhabi. It is the first stone Hindu temple in the UAE and the largest in West Asia. View pictures of this architectural wonder.

simply outside of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) lies an architectural marvel under construction. No, it's not a race car venue or simply another building being built for show. Actually, it's the BAPS Hindu Temple, which will draw millions of followers to the nation in the desert upon its opening. This Hindu temple, which will be the biggest in West Asia, will be the first to be built of stone in the area. At a cost of Rs 700 crore, it will have a marble façade with complex designs made of pink sandstone, and seven spires, one for each of the country's Emirates. A magnificent architectural wonder is what the BAPS Hindu Temple is striving to become. Let's examine ten amazing elements of this incredible project that honours community, spirituality, and unity in the centre of the United Arab Emirates. It crosses national boundaries.

No. 1. The history, materials, and cost of the BAPS Temple The temple or mandir requires extensive logistical planning. Over 1.8 million bricks, 1,80,000 cubic metres of sandstone, and 40,000 cubic metres of marble will be needed for it. Up till this point, 4 lakh hours of effort have been put in, and many more hours will be needed to finish the temple complex.

No. 2: Historic debut The BAPS temple is leading the way in the cultural integration of the region's different groups, being the first stone Hindu temple in the United Arab Emirates. The expansive temple complex will reach a height of 108 feet when it is finished.

No. 3: Record: The temple's size and magnificence distinguish it as a landmark in the region's architectural and cultural heritage. It is thought to be the largest Hindu temple in West Asia.

No. 4. Inspirational design | Vedic sculptures and architecture served as the model for the temple's design. A large number of the sculptures and paintings were created by Indian artists and transported to Abu Dhabi.

No.5. PM Modi's Perspective Abu Dhabi granted the temple project on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi motorway more than 17 acres of land in 2015, during Prime Minister Modi's visit to the UAE. PM Modi placed the mandir's foundation stone in 2017.

No. 6: International artisan collaboration | Expert Indian artists are producing the temple's sculptures and carvings, demonstrating an international partnership in the development of this architectural marvel.

No. 7. Administrative Marvel | Approximately 50,000 individuals, including stars Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar, and Minister of External Affairs India S Jaishankar, placed bricks in the mandir's building.

No. 8: Symbolic towers Seven spires, each representing an Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, will be included into the architecture of the temple. The spirals are intended to foster harmony and unity within the multicultural environment.

No.9. Hindu BAPS Sect | The BAPS Hindu sect is leading the construction and introducing their rich traditions to the United Arab Emirates. They are well-known for their respect for Swaminarayan as an avatar of Lord Krishna.

No. 10. Worldwide temple presence BAPS is a global cultural ambassador, having built 1,100 Hindu temples worldwide, the largest of which is outside of India, in New Jersey, and the well-known Akshardham Temple in Delhi.

No. 11: Recreational and Educational Infrastructure The temple complex will serve as a multipurpose cultural hub by housing schools, exhibition spaces, and kid-friendly play areas in addition to its religious purposes.

No. 12: Community involvement | A number of people have donated to the Rs 700 crore temple's development, and a number of others have actively participated in the project by symbolically laying a brick to join the famed and ancient BAPS Hindu Temple.

No. 13. Harmony Festival | The official opening of the Temple is slated to take place on February 14, 2025, following a great event that starts on February 10, 2025. The event is appropriately called the "Festival of Harmony," denoting the coming together of community, spiritual, and cultural festivities.

700 crore Hindu temple under construction in Abu Dhabi: 13 things you should know - Best Tourism Place in Dubai  - Inch & brick Realty

Discover the best tourism place in Dubai at the ₹700 crore Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi. Immerse in the allure of the best Tourism place in Dubai with its cultural richness, architectural marvel, and spiritual serenity. Explore unity, lush surroundings, and inclusive design at the best tourism place in Dubai. Experience ceremonial halls, breathtaking artistry, and tourist-friendly services, making it the best tourism place in Dubai. Indulge in the authentic Hindu cuisine at this best tourism place in Dubai. Unveil the essence of the best tourism place in Dubai!

Inch & Brick Realty envisions a significant impact on Dubai's real estate scene with the completion of the BAPS Hindu Temple. As this iconic temple stands tall just outside Abu Dhabi, it not only represents cultural unity but also presents a unique opportunity for those living in Dubai & tourism places in Dubai. The temple's completion might spark interest in the local real estate market, potentially leading people to consider buying property in Dubai with Inch & Brick Realty as they seek to be part of this cultural and spiritual landmark in the heart of the UAE."

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